Thankful Thursday 02-07-13

  • The sweet new apron I got at the chili cook-off.  Troy is fighting me for it.  I told him if he ever cooks he can wear it :)
  • Taxes done!
  • Experimenting with smoothies for breakfast.  Troy is much more adventurous than me with his green smoothies.  The bravest I've gotten is adding a banana to my vanilla protein shake.  I will admit that his smoothies are pretty tasty though.  
  • An email from a new friend, comforting me, and sharing her own personal struggles.  
  • A new pink elephant candy dish to brighten my living room
  • Wedding cake cookies 
  • All the amazing, sweet comments I've received this week from blogging.
  • A friend to laugh with when everything around us seems out of control.  
  • Seeing my name printed in a book.  I wrote a short (2-3 sentences) review about 31 Days of Forgiveness and it was chosen to be printed at the beginning of the book.  
  • Thrift store shopping with my honey.  He got 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for less than the price of 1 shirt at a store.  We love saving money!
  • Over 100 hits in less than 24 hours on yesterday's blog post.