Thankful Thursday 09-29-11

Happy Birthday Mya!

  • Today is Mya's birthday.  She is 4 now :)
  • We hosted our first Family Night at church last night.  BINGO!  Did I tell you that we are now in charge of planning a family night activity once a month for our congregation?  One month down, eleven to go, and then I'm nominating Jenny for this pleasure next year :)
  • I have officially started collecting lotion for Smooth Operation!  So many of you have remembered my lotion lady from Della Lamb last year and asked how you could make a difference.  Thank you!  I will be collecting donations until mid November.  My goal is 100 bottles of lotion, but I'm praying you will make a fool out of me and go way overboard with the lotion donations!
    • You can check in on our progress at any time by clicking on the picture of the lotion on the top right side of this blog.
  • Jenny has stepped up to the plate and spread the word about Smooth Operation.  Her personal goal is to collect 50 bottles of lotion to donate.  Wow.....I don't have any other words, just...Wow!
  • I found an amazing deal on lotion at Target the other night and I cleared the shelf!  It frustrates me when people buy mass quantities and clear the shelves, not leaving any for others.  As a couponer/bargain shopper I do not do this.  For the next six weeks I will be breaking this rule if I find truly amazing deals on lotion (like 67¢ each).  Please forgive me if you go shopping and all the clearance lotion is gone.
  • Speaking of couponing...Mom and I did amazing this past weekend, and I got a ton of stuff to donate to charity!


  1. How cool that you're donating lotion. And happy birthday Mya!

  2. Thanks!! Maybe I'll take Mya on an extra long walk tonight to celebrate her birthday :)

  3. Since it's Mya's birthday, that calls for a cupcake.....right? :)

  4. You are so right! I better visit the bakery before heading home :)

  5. LOL - love her outfit!


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