Thankful Thursday 09-01-11


  • I had so many people wish my a happy birthday that I could barely keep up with the constant "ding" on my phone each time I got a new message!  I am blessed.
  • I had cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes to celebrate my birthday!
    • Thanks to Jenn and Maggie for bringing cupcakes to work.
    • Thanks to Troy's boss for making me special birthday cupcakes.
  • I found some awesome sales over the weekend!
  • I was treated with kindness when I wasn't sure what to expect. 
  • Brian mowed our lawn last week.  If he has ever mowed your lawn then you understand why this is such a great treat.  He makes our lawn look amazing, and he does it so fast!
  • The biggest project of the year (at work) is at the half way point. 
  • Holding hands with my hunka hunka burnin love :)
  • Seeing Troy's excitement to volunteer at church.
  • The Dutel family.  They make my heart smile :)
How was your week?