Smooth Operation

I have cupcake scented lotion in my desk drawer at work.  A coworker surprised me with it one morning, just because she knew I would enjoy it.  I use it every day and it reminds me of my time spent volunteering at Della Lamb last Christmas.  

I put on that lotion and I think about the lady who had the opportunity to choose from tables of gifts and went straight for a bottle of lotion.  I think about the woman who pulled out a piece of saran wrap containing a small dab of lotion and rubbed in on her dry cracked hands.  I think about the people who stood in line for hours on that snowy December morning as the cold wind harshly chapped their skin. I think about how fortunate I am to have this bottle of lotion when others are wrapping drops of lotion in saran wrap to save for later. 

There are families right here that are struggling to put food on the table, to pay their bills, to provide for their children.  Lotion does not make it into their shopping carts as often as it should.  There are many organizations that attempt to help with the day to day needs and as the holidays get closer I spend more time thinking about and looking for food and toys I can donate to charity, as I’m sure many of you do as well. Will you remember lotion as you are gathering up those items you will be donating to families in need this year?

For the next 6 weeks I am asking that every time you reach for lotion you remember the lady who turned down many wonderful gifts so that she could have a bottle of lotion to heal her dry skin.  I have bottles of lotion in every scent and level of hydration you can imagine.  I am blessed, and this winter I am going to share my good fortune with others.  Will you join me?

I promise to look for sales on lotion and stock up….not for me, but for others.  I promise to go through my cart before I check out at Walmart and find one thing to put back so that I can spend that money on another bottle of lotion.  I promise to make a difference by providing lotion, something I take for granted, to as many families as I can this winter.

Can you help?  A week before Thanksgiving I will be making a trip to Della Lamb to help with Operation Thanksgiving.  This is about the same time the weather starts to turn bitterly cold and our skin gets dry.  I would love to have the trunk of my car filled with lotion when I pull in that day.  Lotion that will be going to those same families who will once again stand in line for hours on a cold December morning to join us for Operation Santa a month later.  

Here’s how you can help:
  • Give your lotion donations directly to me.  Lotion must be new, unused bottles.
  • Donate money to the lotion fund.  You give me the money and I will do the shopping for you.
  • Clip lotion coupons out of the Sunday paper and give them to me.  This will help me get more lotion for our money.
  • Email me, or leave a message on this post with your contact info if you wish to be notified when there is a coupon or sale on lotion, making it easier for all of us to donate.  
I’m looking for everything from small bottles that can be carried around in purses to large economy sized bottles to be shared among a whole family.  Some people will need fragrance free, while others would love some of the wonderful scented lotions from Bath and Body Works.  I’m looking for lotion for every skin type.  Just remember it has to be new, unused bottles!
My goal is to donate 100 new bottles of lotion.  Will you help me?

You can check our progress by clicking on the picture of the lotion at the top right corner of this blog.

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