Spring Cupcakes

Photo from The Sweet Tooth

Today I would like to thank The Sweet Tooth for making me feel like a judge on the hit show Cupcake Wars!  They asked me to sample their new Spring cupcake flavors - LUCKY ME! 

I previously told you about how much I loved their Peanut Butter Dream cupcakes here.  Since then I have also tried their S'mores cupcake (good!), and now the three new spring flavors. 

Jamacian Sensation is bursting with mango flavor!
Jamaican Sensation had me at hello Jamaican.  Troy and I spent our first anniversary in Jamaica and I still smile every time I see or hear about anything Jamaican.  On top of having a cool name, this cupcake is also vegan.  Everywhere you look more and more people are becoming vegans, and vegan options are popping up on menu's everywhere.  There are even cupcakeries that only bake vegan cupcakes, but I had never tried a vegan sweet of any kind.  I was a vegan virgin, and while I was not sure what to expect, I was excited. 

This was my favorite of the three cupcakes!  If this is what vegan taste like then sign me up!  The cake is so moist and has a big punch of flavor.  A mango cupcake topped with pomegranate cream cheese frosting.  Yes, I was slightly scared when I read the description because I usually shy away from fruity desserts in favor of something more along the lines of ...um...chocolate.  The mango really did taste like summer (or spring), and my mind kept wandering off to sunny days on a rooftop terrace sipping sangria.

Raspberry Lemonade made with real raspberries

Raspberry Lemonade is exactly what you would expect.  They added raspberries to their vanilla cupcake base and topped it with lemon cream cheese frosting.  There is no denying that this cupcake was made with real raspberries instead of artificial flavorings and you are reminded of that with raspberries you get in each bite.  I want to wash this one down with a tall glass of lemonade during a back yard bbq!

Chocolate with a cherry on top!

Peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven, but if chocolate was forced to choose a second choice it would have to go with cherry.  The Sweet Tooth will be holding a contest on facebook to name this cupcake, so get your creative thinking hats on and get ready to send them your suggestions!  Wouldn't it be great to know you named a cupcake?  Two cherries and a chocolate chunk are pushed into the center of this chocolate cake before baking so there is a sweet surprise waiting for you to discover as you eat!  My sister said the cherry cream cheese frosting was the "creamiest, best frosting ever"!  I kept wanting to swipe my finger through the frosting, but (mostly) restrained myself.  Sorry, to those of you who got one with a little frosting missing off the side!

I have to mention again how incredibly sweet Trevor and Amy are.  Their mission is to promote happiness and you can't help but be happy when eating their cupcakes.  I love to see good things happen to nice people and these two are on their way to seeing great things happen.  I can not wait for them to open their store later this year.  Weekly grocery shopping trips will become something to look forward to when I will able to stop by their store for a sweet treat! 

By the way, check out the contest they recently won!

One dozen cupcakes gone in less than 24 hours!  A huge thank you to The Sweet Tooth for satisfying the sweet cravings of 9 people today!!


  1. I really want a Jamaican Sensation now, you did not save one for me?


  2. They went so fast I only got 1/2 of one myself!

  3. I just want more of that cherry frosting. I actually had a dream about it. It was that good. I have eaten and even made a lot of frosting and as far as I'm concerned, nothing can ever top the cherry cream cheese frosting from The Sweet Tooth!

  4. LOL @ Shelly, you had a dream about it? I tell people all the time, it's not your typical cream cheese frosting... you kinda have to try it yourself. It cant be described.



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