The best "oops" ever!

Who would have guessed that April Fool's Day was another reason to eat cupcakes?  Easter has chocolate rabbits, Halloween has candy corn, Christmas has candy canes, and April 1st has cupcakes!  The Sweet Tooth got some of their flavor combinations mixed up...."oops"!  Best mistake ever!  Here are their mismatched cake and frosting flavors. 

Lemon cake with cherry cream cheese frosting. My sister loves this frosting so much that she has even had dreams about it.  After picking up these cupcakes the first thing I did was send her a picture of that creamy goodness to give her something to drool over. I thought she was going to have to have a good old fashioned arm wrestling competition with Troy to see who would get the last of these cupcakes.  Yep, they are that good!

Apple Spice Cake with cream cheese frosting.  This cake is so good and doesn't even need frosting.  It can stand on it's own and I ended up finishing it off without the frosting, because I didn't want anything distracting my taste buds from that moist apple cinnamon goodness.  A glass of orange juice and an apple spice cupcake sounds like breakfast food to me. 

Red velvet with chocolate buttercream.  This was the cupcake that stood out to me as a "mistake" because red velvet is typically topped with cream cheese, but after eating this cupcake I would suggest pairing these two flavors more often.  Traditional red velvet / cream cheese cupcakes will never be quite the same again.  I want chocolate!

Strawberry cake with whipped cream frosting.  Whipped Cream!!!!!!!!!!  I know there was cake there somewhere,because I ate it, but there was Whipped Cream!!!  It took all the self control I had to not scoop the whipped cream frosting off of the rest of the cupcakes and eat it with a spoon.  Thank goodness the cupcakes are gone, or else I might be tempted to sneak into the box with my trusty spoon...

My favorite oops was when I "accidentally" mixed the apple spice cupcake with the whipped cream frosting.  Yep, sometimes mistakes are good :)

No matter how good The Sweet Tooth cupcakes are, the best part of each box is the moment I get in the car with them and open up the box releasing all those amazing smells.  I wish they could figure out how to bottle that smell so I could use it as air freshener around my house!

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  1. I'm early to check out your A to Z post, but gosh do I regret seeing this post on a day I REALLY need sweets! (I gave them up for lent.) I LOVE cream cheese icing and that apple spice cupcake sounds perfect! Red velvet is my favorite cake of all time, now I need to try it with chocolate icing!

  2. Oh boy, this is not the blog to read when you are hungry, my mouth is watering at all the cup cakes!!!

    Wonderful blog that deserves stylish award. Go pick it up here:

    Greetings from a fellow A to Z blogger whom now craves cupcakes!

  3. This is funny, I was checking in to tell you that because of you, The Sweet Tooth is Joining the A - Z Challenge. I will use our April Fools Day Post today as my "A" how lucky... and tomorrow I will post about Blogging "B" and announce the A - Z. Thank you for your words and motivation!

  4. Welcome to my blog everyone! So excited what everyone else chooses to write about for each letter, especially you, Trevor!


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