The Sweet Tooth

A box full of Peanut Butter Dreams

Earlier this week I received a very sweet Facebook message: I had won 1 dozen cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth!!  I had recently started cyber stalking this company (Facebook, blog, website) once I found out they were from my side of town AND planning to open a store front sometime this year.  You have no idea how many times I have wished for a real cupcakery closer to home. 

After I did a little happy dance and a lot of happy screaming I opened up their website to review my flavor options.  I have their website saved to my favorites on the laptop and have had to wipe the drool off my keyboard after reading all the flavor descriptions in the past.  This time was serious because I was actually going to get to eat 1 of these flavors and it was time to make a decision.  Troy and I reviewed the options, but quickly settled on the Peanut Butter Dream.  Chocolate and peanut butter are the perfect combination in my opinion, and although we briefly considered the S'mores cupcake, there was never any doubt which flavor we would eventually decide on. 

We picked the cupcakes up this afternoon and I did not waste any time getting into the box!  The smell of chocolate and peanut butter had filled the car the whole way home and it took all the strength I had not to bust one out on the drive.  I also want to mention how kind Trevor was in both the emails we exchanged and when I met him to pick up the cupcakes.  I enjoy meeting the people behind the cupcakes whenever I can and Trevor was as nice as could be.  He mentioned several times that the Peanut Butter Dream was his personal favorite, so that upped my excitement factor even more! 

These cupcakes are amazing!  Troy gave them a 9.5 out of!  The cake was moist enough that it didn't fall apart when eating it which was much appreciated since I skipped the fork and decided to just take a big bite out of it.  My favorite part was the peanut butter chips mixed into the cake.  I was very pleasantly surprised each time I bit into one and I give the chips extra credit for making this cake so delicious. 

The frosting was smooth and creamy, like a good peanut butter frosting should be.  Sometimes frosting can be too sweet and too hard, but this one was just right.  I am a great frosting lover so I was a bit disappointed when I saw the amount of frosting on top of these cakes, but Trevor and Amy know what they are doing.  It was the perfect amount of frosting to go with the cake.  The whole thing was topped with smashed up peanut butter cups for that extra "mmmmm" factor. 

The plan is to share the cupcakes with my parents when they come over for lunch tomorrow....  Fingers crossed there are some left to share! 

I was really digging the cute little touches they added to their packaging.  The box was a pretty blue which got me all excited before I even saw the cupcakes inside.  I also loved this super cute business card specifically for the Peanut Butter Dream.  I'm assuming each flavor has their own card and for some reason it makes me think of a guy giving you his number.  "Hello, my name is Peanut Butter Dream and this is my number - Call me."  Too stinkin cute!

The Sweet Tooth cupcakes are currently available by order only, but there are plans of opening a store front and in my opinion it can't happen fast enough!  They have made their cupcakes available at special events around town in the past and I will definitely be looking for them to do this again (and I'll be sure to let the rest of you know when they do).  Trevor and Amy are all about giving back to charity and you know I'm loving that!  Don't shy away from this company simply because they do not have a store front yet.  You will not be disappointed. 

Cupcakes - Love - Happiness
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Today's sweet moment: winning a dozen (dreamy) reasons to smile :)


  1. You are very talented! We are glad you and Troy enjoyed the cupcakes, and we hope you saved some for your parents as well. Thanks you!

  2. I also really enjoyed the cupcakes. By far the best chocolate pea nut butter cupcake I have ever had and I can't wait to try their other flavors.


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