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Evidently Troy has always liked Joel Osteen, but I just recently learned of his love affair with this man's Sunday morning show.  Our DVR has several weeks worth of episodes saved for later viewing.  I can't seem to pay attention long enough to get the message out of what he is talking about.

There was an episode Troy recently watched about appreciating the small things in life and he has taken it to heart. I attempted to ignore the advertisements flashing across the screen by closing my eyes and ended up asleep.  I will have to attempt to watch it again someday because Troy says I will love it if I just try a little harder.

A week ago we were talking and Troy expressed his appreciation for something that many would have seen as a negative.  I was caught off guard and a smile began to stretch across my face from ear to ear.  Troy has been reading my blog and has actually gotten something out of it!  Life is good!!  I flashed my pearly whites and with a little too much excitement in my voice asked him where he got his inspiration for this new take on life.

His response....Joel Osteen!

POP!  My self esteem bubble just got deflated.  Here I am writing a blog about seeing the positive and I know for a fact that Troy reads it every day, but when Joel and I talk about the exact same thing it is Joel's message he remembers and takes to heart.  Does he not remember when I wrote about Choosing Happiness, Giving Back, or Why I Blog?

I gave him a hard time about it and he, of course, back tracked and tried to pretend that I misunderstood him.  If Joel Osteen is the voice that speaks to him, then I am thankful for the several weeks worth of episodes he has saved on the DVR.  If this man has said something that stuck with Troy so much that he has become the one pointing out the positives to me, then there must be something to what he said. 

Today I appreciate the extra effort Troy has taken to see the positive in the midst of negative.  Practice makes perfect (or at least better) and we are practicing like crazy!


  1. I too love to watch Joel Osteen. I watch him every sunday while I am waiting for my ride to church to arive. He never ceases to amaze me. I always feel like he is talking directly to me about exactly what is happening to me at that time. I have been inspired by him many times, myself.


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