Thankful Thursday 08-25-11

  • Troy got baptized!  I almost feel like that is all I need to write this week, because that is enough.  Troy got baptized and it was good.  Fist pumps, tears, laughter, and so much more.  Four days later and it is still the number one topic being discussed at our house.
  • My email is getting loaded up with free birthday meals!  So many meals, so little time...
  • Spinach salad is oh so good!  I have been eating a lot of it lately and loving it. 
  • Power outages are a quick excuse to complain.  We rely on electricity and when it's gone we get grouchy!  I am thankful that it did not affect my life too much.  It's kind of fun to roam around the house with only lightening to show you the way. 
  • Levi and I had a great time at the air show on Saturday.  I am amazed at how much knowledge that boy knows!  I was constantly questioning the never ending flow of information that just kept rattling out of his mouth, and it turns out that every time he was right.  Take your kids to the library, read with them, let them watch tv (yes, even silly Disney shows taught him about planes), and listen to them when they speak.  Levi was my teacher on Saturday, and although I didn't understand half of the big words he used, I left with a much greater understanding of planes...and of the person Levi is, and will grow to be. 


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  2. I love getting awards, especially beautiful ones. You have a wonderful artistic talent! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Sounds like a great week! Thankful Thursday is a good title for Thursday blog posts. Do mind if I "steal" your idea for my blog?

  4. Please "steal" away! I can't wait to see what makes your list!


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