Thankful Thursday 08-18-11

At the Susan G. Komen walk on Sunday

  • My computer is back!!!!
  • We have been experiencing cooler weather here.  Even a high in the low 90's feels like relief!
    • Also thankful for the rain!
  • World Service Corps.  Such an awesome program, and my home congregation had TWO volunteers this year. 
  • Troy and I participated in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for the third year.  30,000 people walking for the same cause!  It's very emotional to be walking in a pink sea of strangers and to see the signs pinned to people's back stating who they are walking in memory of.  There are many success stories, but those "in memory" signs are the ones that really touch me. 
    • We always choose a favorite t-shirt from the mass amount of creativity we see during the walk and this years winner is....."Dudes, check your boobs".  Don't forget, men get breast cancer too!
  • Troy's sister is getting married!  Her excitement is contagious :)
  • Laughing until my eyes leak!
  • This is a great, yet sad story about love. 
  • This past week has been full of love, church, and some great music on K-Love.  Have you read Troy's latest blog yet?