Par 3 - it takes the average person three strokes to get the ball in the hole.  Some will do it in less time and some will take longer.  Don't expect a hole-in-one, this game takes time. 

It seems as though when we do things for others we want a hole-in-one.  We want to put forth as little effort as possible and get the greatest reward.  What is the least amount of effort I can put into helping you and still come out looking like the good guy?  

I am guilty of constantly searching for the hole-in-one, the fast and easy way to help others.  What fits into my time schedule?  Which activity keeps me inside my comfort zone?  How can I help you without inconveniencing myself?  

Sometimes helping others is hard and we try to take shortcuts.  Stop aiming for a hole-in-one when God has put a par 3 course in front of you.  You never know what you will learn about yourself along the way.  

As we start our season of RACK'ing others I am going to attempt to post each day.  There will not be a common theme to these posts like there was last year, but I hope that by coming here and reading what has been encouraging/motivating me it will serve as a reminder to you to find those moments in your own life that motivate you to do for others.  

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