Monday, December 31, 2012

Not to be forgotten 2012

NYE decorations from here

  • Playing cards with Grandma, Grandpa, and Levi in their basement apartment.
  • Being so excited for my first day of work at The Sweet Tooth that I couldn't sleep.
  • Frosting cupcakes, decorating cake pops, and helping people choose a cupcake (or 12) to take home.
  • Our tax refund was exactly how much I needed to pay for the plane ticket to Jamaica.  
  • Cutting hearts out of pepperoni's for a "romantic" themed pizza dinner on Valentine's Day
  • Mexican themed Dinner for Eight at our house.
    • Gallons of cherry limeades spilled all over the kitchen and the inside of the refrigerator.
  • Levi spent the night, we talked him into fixing our vacuum (because we didn't know how) and then he volunteered to vacuum the house.  
  • Easter with the Corn side of the family.  So many cousins!
  • Getting crazy obsessed with the pedometer and seeing how many steps I could take in one day.  
  • Closing my eyes tight and letting the hairdresser chop all my hair off into an inverted bob. 
  • Sweet baby Adelynn was welcomed into the world on her daddy's birthday.  
  • Emery's sky high rainbow birthday cake.
  • Selling cupcakes at the city wide garage sale and having people come back for seconds.
  • Camping with the family on Memorial Day in temps hot enough to boil water.
  • Family Camp!
  • Troy - the nerd - confessing his love for me - the sunshine girl - at Family Camp
  • Watching the kids ride horses at a carnival at an Independence church.
  • Mission Trip to Jamaica!
  • Sitting around the fire at Brian's house telling stories, laughing, eating too many pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
  • Dancing the night away with Troy at the Bradley wedding.
  • Taking Levi and all his biological siblings to the water park.
  • A day spent volunteering at Harvesters.  It was hard work, but it actually felt like we accomplished a lot while we were there.  
  • Saying yes when asked if we would be Sunday school teachers
  • Painting our classroom at church
  • Taking Emery and Levi to the zoo.
  • Circle prayers with our Sunday school kids
    • Praying with imPACT
  • Sharing about Jamaica at our Mission Center conference
  • Halloween party at church
  • Creating the red sea out of balloons so the kids at church could "part the red sea"
  • Operation Thanksgiving with Della Lamb.  It's more rewarding when you leave a little sore.
  • Taking Levi with us to ring the Salvation Army bell.  
  • Christmas shopping with Levi.  
  • Saying goodbye to Grandpa and all his tractors.
  • Teaching our Sunday school kids a song in sign language.  
  • Welcoming our new niece Elyssa.
  • Watching Brylly run around the church showing everyone a picture of HIS new baby.
  • Andy Grammer concert (a thank you from the Salvation Army)
  • Operation Santa with Della Lamb.
  • A 4 hour drive into work (with 2 hours of that being parked on the interstate waiting for an accident to be cleared up)
  • Getting my own representation on my mother-in-law's Christmas tree with a cupcake ornament she marked as "Misty's cupcake".  

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