Thankful Thursday 06/28/12

Lake Doniphan

  • Family Camp....enough said.
  • Spending the last 36 hours discussing/reflecting on Family Camp with Troy.  I love when he asks me random questions like "Which person surprised you the most at camp?", because I know the wheels in his head are turning, and we are about to have a good conversation. 
  • Air Conditioning.  When's it's over 100° I am thankful each time I walk into my house and the air conditioning still works.  I'm always worried it's going to quit on the hottest day of the year.
  • Sleeping in my own bed again, next to my husband.  We spent 4 nights in seperate beds, and I missed cuddling with him.
  • Romantic dates on The Bachelorette.
  • Suitcase unpacked, laundry done, ready to start repacking...this time for a much bigger trip.  9 days until Jamaica!
  • A blog about "Sacred Creation" that I have filling up the empty spaces in my head right now. 
  • Fighting a cold and feeling like I'm winning the battle.
  • Angry Birds and Draw Something...I'm completely addicted to both of them right now.
  • Kids -of all ages- who knew my name at Family Camp.  I wish I knew more of their names.  Kids, hollering at me from across the campgrounds "Hi Misty"...and most of the time I didn't know who they were.  What a huge reminder that people are always watching you...and I need to always be someone I'm proud to have being watched from a distance.