Thankful Thursday 06-07-12

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On the way into work I was listening to a Christian radio station, singing along to a song I've heard hundred of times.  The song mentions the scars on the hands of Jesus, and for some reason this time those words stood out to me.  How painful it must have been to have a nail hammered through the palm of his hand.  That was one of many things he went through for us, but today that nail was the image I saw every time I closed my eyes. 

What do I believe in so strongly in that I would let someone put a nail through my body?  Who would I give my life for?  Those are big questions, and while I would like to think the answers are easy, I know that it's also easy to say "not me" when someone stands before us with a bag of nails and a hammer.  Reminder to self: be strong like Jesus!

I found myself touching the palm of my hand many times throughout the day, and as I did I would say "thank you".  Thank you for my life, with all of it's wonderful blessings.  Thank you for being the ultimate role model.

Here are some of the things I'm thankful for this week.

  • Three little boys who are eager to spend time with us.
  • An impromptu t-ball game on the front lawn.
  • Kids who ask to hold my hand during prayers.
  • A friend who reassures me about a concern I have not yet told her about. 
  • Realizing the cousins you once viewed as little kids are now adults, just like you.
  • Pictures of a friend's baby arriving in the mail. 
  • Swimming laps in the pool until my legs feel like jello. 
  • Cooking dinner together with my husband.