Deflated tires and inflated faith

 A loveseat made for two

When I pray about something specific I always end by asking for assistance in finding comfort in whatever they outcome may be.  I try really hard not to pray for specific outcomes, but rather to remember that God has a plan that is bigger than me.  I just ask for assistance in seeing the positive even if I do not get the answer I had hoped for. 

Example: When one of us applies for a new job/raise/promotion I do not pray that we will get it.  Instead I pray that we will put our best foot forward and be happy with whatever answer we are given.   If we have done our best and it is meant to be, then I believe it will happen.  If the answer is no, then there is a reason for that and we need to face it with a positive attitude going forward.  I pray that I will remember to be thankful and to also remember that I believe all things happen for a reason.

The other night I went to bed and prayed about something that was weighing heavy on my heart.  I did not ask for a specific outcome, but I did ask that God would help me find comfort until I knew what the ultimate answer would be.  The next morning I was driving to work and felt myself getting worried about the situation.  God let the air out of my tires...literally.  We had to turn around and come back home that day.  I spent the day on the loveseat, sharing a blanket with Troy, filled with love.  When I started to feel overwhelmed God sent me back home where I was able to recharge.  I didn't realize I needed a day at home, but laying in bed that night I knew that this was exactly what I had needed. 

Having trouble with my car could have been stressful, but I never felt the stress.  All I felt was the love and warmth I needed to be comforted.