Mya loves to snuggle

This is the first weekend of Fall and it definitely feels like it!  The temperature has dropped quite a bit and we have been reaching for blankets a little more often as we watch tv.  Here is a picture of Mya snuggling with Troy under the blanket that Aunt Marlyce made.  She actually made both of us one of these blankets so we have a matching set.  I use them all the time!

In an effort to save money we have been trimming Mya's nails our self for the past couple of months.  Yesterday I screwed up and cut one of them too short which caused a lot of bleeding from Mya and a lot of heartache from me and Troy.  Now I know not to trim her nails without Styptic Powder on hand for an emergency, although I think it will be a while before I have the guts to do that again.  Mya was such a trooper as we held her with her paw elevated off and on for hours last night.  We feel terrible for hurting her like that so she is getting all kinds of special love and attention today! 

Mya loves to snuggle.  She likes to be under blankets and she likes to be curled up next to us, especially in tight spaces.  I imagine she is loving the cool fall blanket weather just as much as we are and when she comes to snuggle with me today I will appreciate it even more after last night.  Sometimes it takes a scary moment to make us appreciate the sweet moments we experience every day. 


  1. I never expect anyone to understand why I love my pets so much and why I hurt so badly when they hurt. As your sister, I definately never expected you to understand, but it makes my heart happy to know that you now have and understand the unconditional love that a pet can give you and the happiness they can bring into your life.

    Don't worry, I love my son just as much but I think people are expected to love their children and all people understand the love and care that a person gives to their child but many don't understand how a person can love a dog so much.

    You may not love Mya as much as I loved my dogs but you do love her and maybe now you can understand why my dogs were like my children.

  2. I never thought I would even own a dog!

  3. I didn't know you had a chihuahua... Travis and I got our little chihuahua two years ago. Travis had never had a dog before, so it was sort of a foreign thing to him. I didn't know if he would warm up to Crusher (our dog), but he totally did. He loves that dog so much now. Dogs are just such sweet and loyal creatures. It is hard not to love them.

    Also, I have trimmed Crusher's nails a little too short before, too. It is awful, but they recover quickly.


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