Sweet Surprises

Sometimes you just know that someone is a good person, just because your gut tells you so.  This is a story about (sweet....like sugary sweet) surprises. 

There is a lady at work that my gut says is a good person although I don't really know her.  We work in different departments and only see each other in passing.  Last week she was also in line to try (for her first time) MY favorite cupcake place.  We started emailing back and forth about our love for the sweet stuff, especially a great frosting.  Today she surprised me with a cupcake from HER favorite place.  She did not do this to prove that her cupcake place was better, or because I asked her to, she did this out of the kindness of her heart.  She thought of me and did something kind for me.  I have a good 24 hours worth of smiles ahead of me because of her. 

(The cupcake was delicious!  You can read my Yelp! review of it here.)

It's nice when you find out your gut instinct was right from the beginning.  (I did not need my gut to tell me how great the Candy Corn Fairies are though.  Click here to read about how another sweet surprise I recently had.)

Completely unexpected, caught off guard, make your heart smile kind of surprises like that are the (big) sweet moments that encourage me to try and create the same kind of happiness in others.  What has someone done to make your heart smile lately?