We like to play games; board games, card games, word games, or wii games.   Today we pulled out the electronic Monopoly game.  This not a game we play a lot because it takes so long, but we were having a quiet day at home and had plenty of time to get through a whole game.  The highlight of the game was (obviously) when the game took a big turn and I started collected lots and lots of money from Troy!  In the end I was the winner!  All of the hotels on the board and the beautiful properties all lined up at the front of the picture were mine. 

I am lucky that I married someone who enjoys spending a rainy fall afternoon playing games with me.  It's days like this that remind me that life is remembered by the moments we share with our loved ones.  At the end of the day I'm not going to remember what I watched on tv, but I won't forget the way both of our hearts beat a little faster as we raced to see who could build high rises faster than Trump! 

There are countless varieties of Monopoly games on the market.  The Hasbro website has 42 versions for sale.  I think I've seen more than that at toy stores around Christmas time!  The electronic version is "updated" with new cities, credit cards, and trading money by the millions.  We like the credit cards for just the two of us, but it can get kind of confusing if you are playing with a larger group.  Which Monopoly board is your favorite?


  1. No monopoly board is my favorite. I can't stand the game that happens to be my husbands favorite. Even though I don't like the game, I would willingly spend a rainy day playing it with my husband. The problem for us though, is that our little one would never let us play the game without running off with pieces and we work different schedules so we are not very often home at the same time. Count your blessings that you and Troy get to spend so much time together. I would give just about anything to have more time to spend with my husband.


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