Thankful Thursday 08-02-12

The carnival is in town!  It's hard not to smile when you see a bright merry-go-round!

  • Singing “Sanctuary” in the car and realizing Levi is singing along with me.  
  • “Thank you” repeated over and over from that same 10 year old.  He thanked me for spending my own money to buy water park tickets for him and his siblings.  He thanked me for spending the day with them.  He thanked me for being a good sister.  He thanked me with sincerity, and with a gracious heart that made him appear much older than he is.  
  • Watching the American swimmer win bronze at the Olympics.  As we watch people get disappointed for not winning gold, it was refreshing to see someone so excited to earn a medal.  Getting a medal at the Olympics is a big deal and I smiled as I watched her face light up looking at that score board after the race.  
  • Emery asking Uncle Troy to go outside and play.
  • People I rarely see or talk to thanking me for writing a blog.  Others want to hear our stories.  
  • Back to school supplies.  I have a hard time going into stores at this time of year because I want to purchase colorful post-it notes and brand new sharpies.  It’s hard to not fill my cart up with boxes of brand new colored pencils and notebooks full of blank pages just waiting to be filled up.  I am drawn to school supplies and was giddy with excitement as I purchased new folders, pencils, glue, and more to send to Jamaica.  I wish shipping wasn’t so expensive because I would love to use my couponing skills to score amazing deals and stock the Jamaican churches with craft supplies.
  • My husband who let me complain for 45 minutes about all the stupid people in the world and why I'm the only person left that is using their brain to think for themselves...and he just smiled at me (ok, he laughed at me).  Sometimes you just have to get it out! 


  1. you have so much to be thankful for... thank you for sharing!


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