Thankful Thursday 01-19-12

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  • Seeing a prayer answered.  I have been saving every extra penny that comes my way for months in anticipation of a mission trip to Jamaica this summer.  It is time to start booking the flights and I do not have enough  money yet.  I was praying that our tax refund would be enough to make up the difference for what I have not saved yet.  As it turns out our refund is exactly $10 more than I had figured that I would need.  God reassured me and answered my prayers through a green box on H&R Block :)
  • Getting 100% on my food handlers test.  I'm not good at test.  I got good grades in school because I did good on homework...not because I was good at test.  I loved teachers that gave lots of homework because it raised my overall score.  I choke on test.
  • A full day of no work and no illness.  It was nice!
  • Reading all the great MLK quotes on facebook Monday.  What an amazing man!
  • Fixing real food for dinner.  Between my new second job and the world's longest lasting cold I have been a terrible in I haven't cooked anything fancier than bacon and eggs for weeks.  Troy was quite excited to learn I had fixed lasagna Monday night.
  • The great, amazing, splendid, wonderful friends that came to visit me at work on Saturday.  I so appreciate having friendly faces walk in the door when I'm at the cupcakery!
  • The other night I dreamed about singing Amazing Grace and I kept that song in my head all day.  It was a good day!
  • A moving video...