Thankful Thursday 01-12-12

Cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth
  • Really good church services.  Pauline knows how to get to me and sometimes I wish she was my BFF, but she is way, way cooler than me so that's probably never going to happen.  When she speaks I listen, and when she plans a service I attend. 
  • I work at a cupcakery now!  Some people don't understand why that's a big deal, but those that really know me wouldn't expect any less than tears on my way into my first day there...yes, there were tears, but I tried to get them under control before I walked in the door.  It's not just a part time job, it's a job I've been saying I wanted for over a year now, a job I am so excited about that I spend all my free time trying to figure out how to be better at it, a job where I feel like an employee that matters.  I also have amazing bosses who are supportive, kind, and hard working. 
    • One of the items on my checklist of a dream job is to have bosses that recognize my strengths and put them to use.  I'm not so confident that writing is a strength of mine, but I do appreciate that they think I'm good enough at it to ask to me write for the company blog once a week.  You can check out "Misty's Monday Minute" by clicking here
  • The neighbor girls brought us homemade banana nut pancakes...still warm! 
  • I got an overwhelming feeling this week that Mya is meant to be with us.  I don't know what kind of life she had before we adopted her, but I don't think it was good.  There are times I think about finding her a new home, but then something happens I realize I could never get rid of her.  She may not have the ideal life with us, but she is loved and that is pretty darn important!
  • Brylly.  He's always happy to see me.
  • At church Sunday Levi sat in between us, but Troy still reached across and grabbed my hand during the prayer.  Levi just put and arm around each of us and joined the three of us together in prayer.  I love that kid!
  • Sunday afternoon naps.
  • Searching for Valentines inspiration on Pinterest.