Thankful Thursday 10-06-11

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  • Over the weekend a song came on the radio that we both love, all conversation stopped, the volume got turned up, and we sang along.  I love moments like that.  There are a handful of songs where we both just know that everything else stops because we are going to sing this song together.  No explination is needed. 
    • Extra happy moment because we were listening to a Christian radio station and although we have sung this song together many times in the car it really hit me on Saturday.  I am married to a man who stops everything to sing songs about God's love with me. 
  • Birthdays just took on a whole new meaning after reading this lady's blog about her last birthday.  Never been so excited to turn another year older!
  • Lotion donations came in pretty fast for the first week!  Keep them coming!
  • I made pumpkin pie french toast Sunday morning.  I love just about anything made with pumpkin!
  • We already drew names for Christmas!  Procrastination is pretty much my middle name, but when it comes to gift buying I need all the time I can get.  I suck at picking out gifts for other people, so you if you are ever in a gift giving situation with me you should cross your fingers and hope I don't draw your name.  I have 3 months to figure it out this year....wish me luck!
  • Letting things go.  This week I really focused on letting go of things that stress me out.  Feels good.
  • I really noticed that the leaves are starting to change colors this past week.  Just looking at fall leaves makes me happy. 


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