Thankful Thursday 07-07-11

  • Finding people who share a common interest with me.  When I find a person that I can easily connect with it makes me feel oh so good :)
  • Being able to have an open conversation with a friend without judgement.  I appreciate these conversations immensely . 
  • Having Troy fill in for Mom on the weekly shopping trips.  I like for him to see how exciting it is to be there in that moment when the cashier rings up all your stuff and proudly announces that the total is only one dollar (or in his case, 3¢). It makes all that time spent clipping coupons and searching through sale ads well worth the effort.
    • Also, thank you so much for his patience in helping me clip/organize coupons for many hours over the weekend!
  • Three day weekends.  Having an extra day off makes quitting time on Friday so much more exciting!
  • A kid free swimming pool.  Sunburns sucks, but it's a small price to pay for all that quiet, splash free, pool time.  Quietly lounging on a raft in the pool makes all the stress in the world go away, at least for a while. 
  • A husband who understands without a need for any explanation.  I don't have to explain to him why Casey Anthony is on my prayer list.  He knows and understands.  Just another reminder of how lucky I am, because I can't imagine being married to someone who doesn't get that part of me. 
  • Hummus.  I am addicted (and my freezer is stocked up for future cravings).  I may have eaten two tubs of hummus in less than 48 hours.  Don't worry, I shared....the second tub. 
  • Family Feud with the Coffers! (the game...not an actual family feud)
  • Jenn got me a cupcake shaped iron-on applique!  Now I have a super cute t-shirt from The Sweet Tooth and this adorable applique, but I'm still not sure what to do with them!  Ideas?
  • Feeling the excitement from a friend who recently got engaged.  How great it is to celebrate Love!