Thankful Thursday 09-20-12

It was a long day.  It felt as though everywhere I looked the world was falling apart.  So many angry people taking their frustrations out on others.  I wondered what God's plan was, and what the end purpose would be at the end of all this pain.  I was being weighed down by all the negative I saw in the world. 
If the almost-accident had not happened I might have missed it.  If I hadn't slowed down at each one of the cars we passed with a flat tire I might have missed it.  If Subway had not been out of bread I might have missed it.  Thankfully, there were a lot of obstacles on my way home and I did not miss it.  Troy noticed the sky turning a bright orange and without thinking we took off.  We raced to the highest point in our town, hoping to get a picture of the sunset before it was over.  We arrived at the top of the hill just in time to take it all in before the sun slipped below the horizon. 
In the distance I see crosses and my worries melt away. My life is in His hands. Just like that I am renewed, the negative is forgotten, and all I see is beauty.

  • A man feeding his wife a bite to eat as she serves food to others. 
  • Stopping in the middle of the work day to listen to a coworker as she shares stories from her childhood.  What amazing things we can learn when we take the time to really listen.
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Sitting around the fire on a cool night
  • Fall has finally arrived!
  • Crafting gifts for others.  It was more exciting to give than receive. 
  • Teaching a song from Jamaica to my Sunday school class at home.
  • Treasures found for cheap at a yard sale.